What Helps Sell a Home Faster?

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Occupied Homes 

Don’t let your home collect dust! Moving before selling your home could hurt your selling price. Vacant homes spend more time on the market, leading to a lower selling price. People like to get an idea of how a home is set up, imagining how they would walk around, and live in that home. Putting your vacant home on the market does not mean nobody will look at it. It will just take longer to sell, not only because of appeal but also because buyers could tell that you are not in a hurry, so they take their time sending an offer.


Another way to shorten the amount of time your home is on the market, is by simply staging it better. Not only from the inside but also the outside. Having a clean front yard and entrance gives more appeal to the home. The most important places in a home to stage are the kitchen, family room, and master room. First impressions matter though, and when you first pull up to a house the first thing you see is the is the front yard. Better to keep it attractive and appealing to buyers!


The Perfect Price

One huge factor that affects a buyer’s decision is, of course, the price! Trying to sell your home for a higher price because you don’t want to make less than a certain amount does not help your case. If homes on the market for longer decrease in price, it seems counterproductive to not list the home at an appropriate, fitting price in the first place. Along with the price of the house, the type of market also affects how long your home will be on the market. When buyers have the advantage you will see home prices decrease, so list your house at a price that fits the environment not just of the physical home but also the environment the economy is in.

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