The Future: Smart Home Technology

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What are they?

Smart home technology refers to devices and appliances that connect to the internet. Not only does it allow you, for example, to search for recipes for dinner on a screen built into your fridge, but also gives you complete control of your home, even from a distance.

Some examples:

-Home energy use monitors
-Wireless Speakers
-Google Home
-Amazon Echo
-Door Locks and video doorbells

No need to turn back home after you left because you feel like you forgot to lock the front door. Just check it and lock it from your phone! Want your home to be cool when you come home during the summer and warm when it’s the winter? This is perfect for you as you can adjust your home temperature from your phone! 

Down Side

With all this new technology making its way into your home you could only imagine what the future holds for homeowners! You might be wondering what downside there could possibly be. The irony of having smart technology is that it is supposed to make you safer, but by making your home more tech friendly you also make it hacker friendly. Since these devices are connected to you and each other through the internet, that makes them easier for hackers to get into and disrupt. 

How it benefits homeowners?

There are many benefits to installing smart home technology, one of those benefits will come when you put your home on the market. In a survey from a couple of years ago, conducted by T3 Sixty, an information company in the real estate industry,  82% of respondents (survey of over 3,000 brokers and agents) said, “Smart Home technology streamlines a home sale.” Seems that there is a strong demand for this modern technology to become more integrated into all kinds of residences. In a survey from a little over a year ago from Entrata, a real estate technology company, the vast majority of apartment renters were completely willing to pay more to have smart home technology. They preferred smart home technology over having a traditional feature like a swimming pool.

Don’t hesitate! Go get them now from places like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart . Start saving money now as you step into the future!

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