The FSBO Myth

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Saving the commission

Most people you see who are selling their home themselves, for sale by owner(FSBO), are doing so to save some money and maximize profits when selling their home. There’s no set regulation on commissions for agents, but it usually ends up being negotiated at roughly 5-6%. The idea of saving that commission and keeping it for yourself makes a lot of sense. After all, a lot of your home equity would get eaten up from the commission cost. Let’s also not forget the lesson that has been around since pretty much the beginning of time- nothing good comes for free.

The Truth

In reality you might still pay a commission if the buyer is already working with an agent. In some cases home sellers reject working with buyers because they are working with an agent, but the commission can be negotiated between the seller and the buyer’s agent for bringing them a ready buyer. Sometimes, the seller absolutely refuses to pay and the commission is negotiated and paid for by the buyer instead of the seller (if the home is desirable enough to the buyers). I would recommend researching any regulations on FSBO’s, but on what you would be required to disclose and need to pay for.  So, if you are selling your home by yourself, well you might not completely eliminate the commission you were trying to avoid. 


If you are trying to sell your home by yourself then you have to take on the listing agent’s responsibilities. Which is pretty much attracting buyers to your property. You will have to pay a fee to get your property on the MLS, which will feed it to other well known real estate websites. The commission that you offer to the buyer’s agent (2-3%) will incentivize them to bring you buyers or else your property will just sit around on the market without any attention. To get an idea of what some marketing an agent might do for you, go to the Sell page of this website and see what I myself offer sellers who partner up with me!

Some people might consider a FSBO in order to save some money, but don’t forget the value an agent brings to the process. 

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